Art of Cocktail

The process of making a cocktail is no doubt the work of a professional. The secret to producing a perfect beverage lies in having an appropriate set of tools and pieces of equipment. It is crucial to have a suitable set of bar tools before making your mind to making a good drink. A professional bartender knows what are some of the necessary tools that are most essential to a bar. The perfect set of tools and cocktail equipment contribute to making a great bar. A survey was conducted in 2018 to find out the total spending of people in South Korean bars and it was around 6.67 billion U.S. dollars and the analysts are expecting it to go over eight billion U.S. dollars in the next two years.

Bartenders need to keep something into account while making their bar shelves ready for customers. Cocktails should be well made and should be served to the customers in elegant and catchy glassware. Some essential pieces of equipment are needed to be ready if you are planning to own a bar.

What are the essential tools for a bar shelf?

Just like for any kind of task to achieve we need an appropriate set of gadgets, same is the case with a cocktail we need some basic bartender tools to make a refined cocktail. First comes a jigger which is a revolving mold shaped equipment. Using jigger is a work of perfectionist because a single manhandling with it can ruin the taste. Shakers and strainer also ensure to balance the taste of the flavor. Shaker is one of the essential and most important tools of the bar. Among other different kinds of shakers, a traditional Boston Shaker is so much famous around the world. Stainers are also a major part of the bar equipment which are generally used by bartenders to strain the drink. There is a unique kind of strings in the strainer that purify the drink. Different techniques are used in this regard to purify the drink two times to make the drink tastier.

A bar spoon is another addition to the essentials of bar equipment which is generally used in the bars by bartenders to stir the drinks. A bar spoon plays an important role in making a perfect cocktail by mixing the different ingredients and flavors. This is not an ordinary spoon and serves its purpose regardless of what kind of glass type we use. Mojito is one of the classic and most common cocktails and it is famous due to its unique aroma and taste. To make a perfect Mojito, a muddler is a necessary bartender tool that gently mixes the ingredients of this drink without exploiting the taste of it.

Drinks offering

Last but not the least, an appropriate amount of glassware to cater the cocktail to the consumers. A nice looking glass can make your cocktail look more appealing and attractive to the drinkers.  There is a list of options to choose from to make your drink more attractive to your customers. You can choose a Martini glass for that purpose or you can either go for old fashioned long bottom coupe glasses.