Take a second and visualize your favorite food. Whether that’s a medium-rare fillet with a baked potato and all the fixings; a cut of river-caught salmon with citrus sauce laid on top of a bed of rice; or a hearty slice of your mother’s meat lasagna, you already appreciate how much pleasure and delight food can produce. But what happens after that fantastic meal? For almost everyone, it’s a grand dessert. Whether it’s a slice of homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream, a decadent chocolate brownie, or a serving of ripe fruit and fancy cheese, dessert brings a meal full circle. And when it comes to dessert there is nothing better than a delicious cookie.

Whether your favorite is the classic chocolate chip or something more complicated, a cookie can always hit the spot.

While cookies hit the spot for those with a sweet tooth, another culinary pleasure many adults indulge in is a glass of wine. Any wine aficionado will tell you that it’s hard to beat a chilled, crisp glassful of sauvignon blanc, a mild, hearty pinot noir, or a glass of bubbly champagne. Various types of wine can improve any situation, whether you’re appreciating a glass after getting home from working all day, sharing a bottle with companions, or matching a wine with a new recipe in the kitchen.

So why not enhance your pleasure? Dessert enthusiasts have identified a way to make cookies even more wondrous — matching them with wine. Partnering cookies with wine emphasizes the taste of both food and beverage, raising the enjoyment of them both. The accompanying infographic, Cookie and Wine Pairing Guide, details further about some specific pairings.