It’s not an easy question to answer. In fact, it can be quite confusing as there are so many cuts and styles of beef. There are cuts of beef that is used to make steak, pork chops, sirloin tips, ribeye, strip, brisket, foie gras and many more. Each one has its own distinct flavour and cuts that work well with certain dishes such as the famous Priest’s Hat or cappello del prete.

So lets look at some of the cuts of beef we already know. The chuck, sparerib, rib, and sirloin are the most famous cuts and are used mostly in cooking beef. So lets look at these cuts and what the names mean. The chuck is a cross of a steer and bull. The meat from the chuck is used as a roast for dishes like BBQ ribs. Most of the time the chuck is not tender enough to stand on its own.

The spare ribs are short in nature and very lean. They are usually marinated or placed in a pot with liquid like beer or wine and let soak overnight. The next day the meat is cut into thin strips and placed on a grill or in the oven until tender. You can then use the strips to make tacos meatloaf. This cuts of beef have very little fat.

The rib is another lean cut of beef. It can be found in the round, flat or pointed forms. Usually you will find the round the most popular and cheapest. They can be found all over and are a good choice for stuffing. This piece of beef tends to have less fat than the other cuts so the cooking time is quite long.

The flat piece of beef has more fat content. When I say fat content, I mean the amount of saturated fat in the piece of meat. This type is typically found in primal cuts which means that the muscle has not been cut. The flat piece of beef will cook faster than the round.

The short cuts that you have probably seen by now are the loin. The loin is a very good choice for many people, it is lean and very tender. This is also the cheapest option but can be prone to falling apart after cooking if you are not careful. You have to cook it slowly to avoid burning the bottom. How to choosing the right cut of beef for your diet is really simple if you just take your time.

Beef is not just a choice of beef. You can also choose bison, veal and lamb. If you want a rare steer you will have to go with a different cut. I don’t recommend going out and going for the biggest cut. A smaller cut with more flavor is usually a better choice. Choose the a size that you are accustomed to and have had some positive results with.