If you’re an adult in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or beyond, you must agree that finding a work-life balance is extremely challenging. While work may consume most of your time, you must be feeling that you’re not giving yourself enough ‘me-time.’ This ‘me-time’ might involve more than self-care, such as buying home supplies and groceries. So, is it a ‘me-time’ when all you’re doing is running errands to sustain your life when you’re not working in a professional setting? Absolutely not.

Shopping for groceries is one of the tasks that demand a lot of time. While some may enjoy shopping for groceries, most dislike it. As a professional who works more than 50 hours each week, it’s understandable that you might find no time for daily grocery shopping.

If you’re somebody who thinks that most of their time off from work is consumed by obligations towards your household, we’ve got your back. There are smart ways to cut down time on things or routines that are repetitive and exhaustive, such as buying groceries. Here are some ways how you can achieve this, beginning from the least pricey to the most:

  • Get a grocery shopping app: we live in a time where the internet dominates how we carry out different tasks. Grocery shopping is one of them. To get a grocery shopping app on your phone, you need a quick search on your browser for a grocery app that provides its services to your area. It is the best way to get groceries delivered to your home and save time for other things that require more attention. A grocery shopping app allows you to get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered directly to your home in a few clicks. You can upload your daily, weekly, or monthly grocery list and automatically get the items delivered on time. You can get your groceries at a reduced price since grocery shopping apps often list products at a discounted price. It is the perfect way to shop grocery online.
  • Connect with local vendors: local vendors or storekeepers may provide the facility to order groceries online or by phone. If you know any such stores in your area that provide this service, it’s best to connect with them if there are no grocery shopping apps available for your region. They would usually charge a fee for delivering groceries to your home. Alternatively, you can subscribe to their services if you have static grocery requirements and require refilling or replacement on a periodic basis. Some supermarkets might even offer special discounts or offers to subscribers. Additionally, you may also get to order grocery online from home.
  • Appoint somebody to do this task for you: This is the costliest option you can go forward with if it sounds reasonable. Since it’s difficult to find volunteers who do the grocery shopping for you, you would likely have to hire somebody to deliver daily groceries and other supplies to your home periodically. For busy professionals, it is often a convenient option as it comes with the benefit of not having to give specifications of the stores you want to buy the items for. Usually, the person you hired would remember your store preferences. Additionally, you would never have to worry about the quality of the products. You simply have to instruct your assistant about what products to pick and how to pick them.