I understand there are lots of Italian restaurants in Newcastle. Based on Google, you will find restaurants in Hamilton, Newcastle itself, Lambton, and Adamstown. We know a minimum of three Italian Restaurants that people visit regularly locally. The nearest to the home is in Hamilton The Northern Star Cafe. It’s on Beaumont St around the primary drag. This is actually the one we visit the most. Another the first is on the other hand of Newcastle. It’s in Charlestown, within the new shopping center. Whenever we shop we eat your meal at dominics. The 3rd the first is in Newcastle in Hunter St. We’ve been visiting Newcastle and love the meals and various restaurants. Brand new ones are opening constantly. Newcastle was the very first time I truly had authentic Home Made Italian Cuisine.

Although I had been residing in Hamilton and dealing in Hexham, I did previously Duck off for supper in the Italian restaurant on Beaumont St. The Northern Star Cafe is simple to find. It’s near the Northern Star hotel but doesn’t have association towards the hotel. Parking could be a bit difficult. Better to park nearby and walk to the restaurant.The sunlight inside is indirect and provides the initial Mediterranean ambiance.

The Northern Star is really a Cafe-style Italian cuisine restaurant. They’ve ethnic style dishes, mostly via the med shoreline. There is a huge assortment of salad or vegetable-based dishes. My personal favorite is Caesar salad. My spouse always takes the salad in conjunction with fruit and King prawns. The fruit that is included with the salad varies, for example grapes, avocado, or pears. My personal favorite appetizer is Prawns cooked in Chilli with special sauces and herbs. My wife’s selection is definitely the Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad. They serve fabulous Pastas. Their variations of fish and meat are fantastic, including Chicken, veal and steak.

We love to the restaurant’s options for the dinner and lunch menus. However, there’s one factor this restaurant has that not one other you do. It’s the personalised service from Jill and also the great Home made recipes from Juliano Bettoli. All of the staff are polite and be aware of wines and also the meals around the menu. The decor is reputable Italian cafe style. The feeling is ideal for all occasion. Because the restaurant is near to the center of Newcastle, customers can take advantage of the foodstuff before catching a motion picture or movie