Buying disposable coffee cups is not a problem today. They were introduced to our daily lives so tightly that it is impossible to imagine how we used to do without them. However, paper cups entered human life more than 100 years ago. When a wave of epidemics hit the world, people reconsidered their views on disposable tableware.

Nowadays, not a single café and fast food are complete without custom disposable coffee cups. They are used by various brands and companies specializing in hot drinks. Without disposable cups, it is impossible to imagine students, freelancers, and business people for whom the day begins with hot coffee on the way home and ends with a cold soda in coffee with friends! It shows that paper cups are becoming increasingly in demand and popular.

Benefits of paper coffee cups

The main advantages of cups:

  • The products are lightweight, so they are easy to store and transport. Cups take up minimal space.
  • All cups are made of environmentally friendly materials that will not harm your health.
  • All goods are certified.
  • Each glass has a low thermal conductivity, eliminating the risk of burning your hands.

Disposable cups made of paper or cardboard are used for hot drinks. In such a glass, the drink will not burn your hands. The thin film that the dishes are usually coated on the inside does not allow the liquid to leak. Disposable cups are used in cafés, restaurants, and eateries offering hot drinks to take away. For convenience, they are often used in conjunction with lids that keep coffee or tea cool and prevent spillage. Paper tableware is safe and environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Types of cups

Depending on the required volume, you can buy paper cups for 110 ml, 175 ml, 185 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 340 ml, 400 ml, and 500 ml. According to the number of paper layers, ordinary and double cups are distinguished. The latter serves coffee, tea, cocoa, and hot chocolate. Two layers of cardboard keep the drink’s temperature inside longer while not letting your hand get burned on the outside. Such dishes do not change the taste and aroma of the glass. It can also be used for cocktails, smoothies, juices, sodas, and other drinks.

A different type of dish — Ripple-cups. Their distinguishing feature is a layer of corrugated cardboard outside the product. In addition to high thermal insulation, it has increased rigidity and strength. Such a container is not deformed by accidental intense pressure. The corrugated surface does not burn. These glasses are used for coffee and other hot drinks.

Quality products

Laminated paper is the material from which disposable cups are made. The size is different, but the layer of the laminate is always selected such that the cup can no longer be used after the first use. Now it’s clear why the cups are disposable. The laminate coating is double-sided for coffee, tea, and other hot drinks and one-sided for cold beverages.

Dimensions may vary, but the thickness of the laminate is selected so carefully that such a cup cannot be reused. A thin layer of laminate protects the drink from leakage only once. Still, the tightness will be broken if there is a desire to pour a second portion of tea into it or wash it. In this regard, a paper cup is disposable, unlike a plastic one, which can be used more than once. As a rule, cups covered with laminate on one side are used for cold drinks and on both sides for hot beverages.