In order to operate a successful restaurant, owners and managers must first be able to operate a profitable one. This is accomplished by reducing the incessant amount of waste typically associated with operating a restaurant. Many would think that the utilities would be the most expensive aspect of owning a restaurant, and while they’re not far off, the truth is it’s food waste. Many restaurants find themselves overpaying on the ingredients necessary to make certain menu dishes, only for those menu dishes to be ordered at a frequency that doesn’t meet their expectations. Without the demand, the supply goes to waste. As previously mentioned, energy costs are also a huge part of what keeps a restaurant from maintaining success. Again, while the most common culprits of the refrigerators and the dishwashers do contribute to this energy waste, a lot of this waste also comes from the aesthetic elements of a restaurant as well. The large neon signs, installations of art that must be properly illuminated, this often varies based on the restaurant. Ambiance is part of what sells the experience, so it’s difficult for restaurants to avoid providing these elements to customers. Which begs the question: how can restaurants go about saving money to maintain their success? For more information about the ways in which your restaurant can maintain its vibe without breaking the bank and even saving money in the process, check out the infographic highlighted alongside this post.

Unique Money-Saving Restaurant Tips this infographic was contributed by Portabull Storage, a premier lender of industry proven diesel reefer